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About Direct Legal Funding

Direct Legal Funding has been providing low interest loans to individuals waiting on a settlement of their personal injury lawsuit, for over 13 years. These loans are considered non-recourse. Which means, you don’t pay them back until your case settles and if your case doesn’t settle, you don’t pay back the loan at all.

In our 13 years, we have helped thousands of people overcome financial hardships while waiting on the legal process to run its course. With a 4.5 Star rating on Google, our loans process has been proven time and time again. The reason we are successful: We offer fast, affordable lawsuit loans that would otherwise not be available through traditional financial institutions and offer approval in 24 hours. In fact, over 30% of our clients come back to us for a second or third loan, as their cases drag on.

Here are just a few of our 5 Star Google reviews in the last few months:


We get you the cash you need, when you need it, with lawsuit loans from $1,000 to $1,000,000


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How the loan process works.

  1. Contact our office through our contact form on the website or by calling our office at 866-941-5588
  2. After a brief interview about the facts of your case and the amount you would like to borrow, we will contact your attorney to secure any additional documents needed for the underwriters.
  3. Once approved we will send you money via wire transfer, overnight check or Western Union.

Important things to consider:

  • The process usually takes 24 hours, as long as your attorney is aware that we will be contacting them in order to get the documents we will need. The process can be helped if you notify your attorney before we contact them, so they know what is going on.
  • There is no credit check required. The loan or as it is often called, cash advance, is approved or disapproved on the merits of your case alone.
  • We are a U.S. based company with an office right here in New York City.

Direct Legal Funding is a safe and affordable option for individuals needing a little extra money to pay medical bills, utility bills or any other bill that being in an accident can bring about.

If you think you need a pre-settlement loan from a reputable lender that has been trusted for over 13 years, call us today. We would love to hear your story.

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